Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)Communication and control of process peripherals

When integrating the technical functions of your process peripherals (e.g. conveyor technology, continuous scales, storage and retrieval), winweb-food takes over the communication with devices and the control of your systems.

With the combination of commercial and technical processes, you can implement computer-supported information processing throughout your production processes.

Isolated applications, which lead to time loss, process control errors, duplication and redundancies, are avoided.
This increases production flexibility and reduces costs.

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„The move to Winweb was like open-heart surgery for us: we had to disconnect our existing system on a Friday at noon and put winweb-food on full operation on the following Monday at 4 pm. ... But the effort was worth it: all divisions benefit from a variety of optimizations and simplifications of the work processes.“

Florian Stadelmann Operations Manager, Haspel e.K. Meat Factory, Dombüh

Functions at a glance

Manufacturer-independent integration and control of devices and systems

  • Industrial scanners
  • Light barriers
  • Materials handling
  • Pusher controls
  • Elevators
  • Metal detectors
  • Target controls
  • Continuous scales
  • Automatic labeling systems
  • Tube track controls for carcasses and coarse parts
  • High bay warehouse: automatic storage and retrieval
  • Price Labeling (PL)
  • AutoFOM
  • MeatMaster

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