Food Software Specialists
»Be at your best«

Winweb Informationstechnologie GmbH has been developing industry-specific ERP software for the food and meat industries and wholesale branch for over 25 years. Over the years, we have developed a deep understanding of the processes in the industry. With winweb-food we have thus developed a complete system that creates complex, cross-module evaluations at the push of a button. At Winweb we know how complicated warehousing can be or how a recipe is calculated. Batch tracing, slaughtering and dissection are included in the scalable program as well as the branch and cashier system and the connection to C&C outlets. Our tailor-made ERP system helps to make purchasing and sales transparent and as simple as possible. Of course, at Winweb we are also familiar with the legal requirements and implement them in the system. Thus, for example, the document management system stores required documents in an indelible manner. Integrated interfaces transfer data to Intrastat and platforms such as DATEV and GS1 fTRACE.

Together we are strong

Years of experience on the one hand, fresh ideas on the other: with a highly specialized team which is also constantly improving through the company’s in-house training it is easy for us to respond innovatively to the desires of the industry. Owner-managed with flat hierarchies, we jointly develop new products with our clients and intensively take care of our customer support. In this way we have become one of the technological market leaders in the industry, are sustainably successful and are constantly investing in the team as well as in new aspects. Our aim is to guarantee our customers the greatest possible security for their own planning.

Family ties at the helm

Two generations captain the enterprise: founder and Managing Director Willi von Berg and his son Arne von Berg, Head of Programming. Willi von Berg founded Winweb in 1997 and developed the winweb-food software at that time with only two other programmers. In the meantime, more than 50 employees – programmers, consultants and the support team – take care of more than 250 customers. Our focus is still on the winweb-food ERP system: „We develop our software completely by ourselves and thus guarantee our customers the highest possible flexibility“, Willi and Arne von Berg explain. Von Berg junior also relies on the many years of expertise and know-how of the experienced team. Simultaneously, he wants to guide the company into the future with fresh ideas. Arne von Berg studied Business Informatics and after his graduation as Master of Science he is perfectly prepared for the technical and business challenges at Winweb. He has been Head of Programming since 2019 and, together with the team, uses agile methods to master complex requirements and solve new tasks. In this way, the company is developing according to state-of-the-art standards and is well equipped for the future.

Focus on customers

The success and satisfaction of our customers is the focus of our actions. For us, these are not empty words, but a matter of the heart. More than 250 customers appreciate this and have been working together with Winweb for years. We see ourselves as software partners, as equals, and can react quickly and efficiently to extraordinary customer requirements. For this reason, winweb-food is a guarantor for success: due to our specialization on the food industry and our extensive knowledge of backgrounds and contents, normative and legal requirements are already integrated into the standard program. Furthermore, customer requirements can be flexibly adapted due to the modular structure of the software. And finally, optimal process control which requires no special maintenance keeps costs low.

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