ProductionTransparency from planning to contribution margin accounting

winweb-food implements a reliable and up-to-date calculation of material prices and material requirements for the planning, control and monitoring of recipes and their costs on a process-specific recipe basis.

In the production module, you represent your finished products and intermediate products (sub-recipes) in line with the exact process. winweb-food records the structure of your production processes and the compilation of your company-specific recipes with the respective components (raw materials, spices, casings, packaging) as well as the costs and conditions (e.g. production losses).

The recipes thus form the basis for production planning, recording of the actual situation, product costing and material requirement accounting and cost calculation.
Calculation and contribution margin accounting are always up-to-date, because with winweb-food, the current prices from purchasing, cutting and sales are directly available in the system and are processed automatically.

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„Our job is to make the best sausage. Winweb is an instrument for doing just that.“

Stefan Richter Fleischerei Richter, Löbau

Functions at a glance

Basic data

  • Processes
  • Recipes
  • machines
  • Cost types and cost type groups
  • Cost rates
  • Allergens and nutritional values (LMIV)
  • Analytical values and guiding principles



Process-specific mapping with regard to the recipe components (raw materials, spices, casings, packaging) as well as the accrued costs and conditions:

  • Product costing (material prices, manufacturing costs according to various levels, net cost prices and imputed sales prices)
  • Material requirement accounting
  • Cost calculation (times, machines, personnel, fixed costs)
  • Multilevel contribution margin accounting
  • Analysis value calculation
  • Calculation of allergen proportions (also possible according to ALBA)
  • Calculation of ingredients, allergens, nutritional values
  • Calculation of Nutri Score


Production/Range planning

  • Creation of production orders for each process and as a sum of the planning data for all recipes
  • Recording of the actual situation in the Touch stock movement programs
  • Production order and completion message
  • Production information: general or customer order-related production information as loop label, routing slips or on production lists

Carrier administration

  • Entry of bookings on or from a carrier (smoking trolleys, vats, salt racks)
  • Reservation of carriers for individual customer orders
  • Integrated batch traceability across all process stages
  • Automated product costing and contribution margin accounting through directly available price information from purchasing, cutting and sales in an integrated system


Consumption evaluation

  • Determination of required material (material requirement list)
  • Determination of intermediate products produced (sub-recipes)
  • Determination of accrued cost types and cost types groups (imputed costs)
  • Check of material and cost consumption by reading in the sales quantities of a specific period

Thus, the „cost consumption“ (target costs) from the recipes can be compared with the actual costs from the cost types of the financial accounting for review.
When posting the inward stock movement (to the finished goods warehouse), you can use the consumption evaluation to carry out the outward stock movmeent (material consumption) on a target basis of the dissolved recipe quantities


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