Enterprise Resource Planning – the Core


A foundation for profits – the purchasing programs in winweb-food optimize your material procurement.

Reliable purchasing programs


From quotes to invoicing – winweb-food efficiently manages all sales processes and ensures flexible data evaluation.

Efficient sales processes

Quality Control

Logging and taking of necessary measures directly in the processes – the system-controlled assurance of the quality of your products is decisive for any successful audit

Secured processes


Administration, procurement, history – warehouse management is a central component of your company and our software.

Optimal warehouse management

Management info system (MIS)

Displayed at the touch of a button – your relevant company key figures as a foundation for your management decisions.

Automated evaluations

Touchscreen Programs

Ergonomic operation – specially developed and individually adjustable user interfaces accelerate the recording of operational processes.

Ergonomic operation

Specialized Programs

Batch Tracing / Traceability

From breeding to the consumer – complete transparency across all stages of the value chain, just as your customer expects.

Complete data documentation

Shop system / Branch accounting

Centrally controlled – central management of your data and automated transfer of your branch data via the integrated shop scale system with detailed evaluation options.

Central control


Integrated right from the start – carcass classification and slaughter livestock accounting in line with legal requirements and support programmes.

Reliable processes


Calculation and material planning – secure your resources to create profits.

Optimized planning


Accurate mapping of processes – planning, control and monitoring of your production processes and costing.

Process accurate mapping

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Data exchange made easy – full integration of all formats, partners and data transmission channels to digitize your business processes.

Automated data exchange

Production data acquisition (PDA)

Recorded directly on-site – further processing integrated in the system.

Structured processes

Mobile data acquisition (MDA)

Captured from anywhere – immediately integrated into the system via MDE radio for further processing.

Increased process efficiency

Computer integrated manufacturing (CIM)

Communication of production and software – integration of your machines and plants as a way to optimize added value and evaluability of the OEE.

Computer Aided Information Processing

Price labeling (PL)

System-controlled labeling by fully- and semi-automatic machines – directly from winweb-food, without additional data maintenance.

Direct connection

Integrated Supplementory Programs

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Targeted activities – integrated information and control system for sales, marketing, customer service and project management.

Reliable information base

Document management system (DMS)

Fast access to your documents – permanent document storage and archiving of all relevant documents, from purchasing to sales, fully integrated in winweb-food.

Quick access


Focus instead of blurring – vendor-independent integration of financial accounting that suits your requirements.

Interfaces to standard systems